Becoming a successful pearl party consultant can mean becoming your own boss and contributing to your family’s income without having to sacrifice time with your family and friends. The top consultants enjoy earning a great income while throwing parties and selling a product that’s fun, high-quality, and exciting. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to earn a top spot as a pearl party consultant, but it’s absolutely possible! If you are thinking about becoming a consultant or have recently signed on with Vantel, here are some tips to help get you started on the path to success.

Top Tips to Become a Successful Pearl Party Consultant

Believe in your product.

It’s tough—if not impossible—to sell something that you don’t believe in yourself. If you decide to become a pearl party consultant, make sure you’re doing it because you are excited about the product and believe that other women will enjoy it as much as you do. This will give you a natural enthusiasm when talking to buyers about pearl products and get them excited about buying products and hosting parties of their own. If you don’t really like the product or don’t think it’s worth the value, that will come through in your pitch and you’ll make fewer sales.

Keep communication going.

Communication is a major key to being successful as a consultant! You need to be active on social media, showing off new Vantel products and giving people a glimpse of how much fun hosting their own pearl party can be. Communication with potential hosts and customers should be fun, engaging, and frequent without being overwhelming. The real key to being a great consultant is keeping that communication going after the sale or party. Thank them for their business, make sure they are happy with their order, and ask them when they are ready to buy or host again!


Put your customer first.

No sale that you might make is worth making a customer unhappy. Put the needs of your customers first. Don’t sell them something they don’t need or love just to make the sale. Don’t push them into hosting a party if you don’t think they’ll enjoy the experience or do a good job at it. And if they aren’t happy with a product they’ve purchased, work with them to make it right. It’s easy to retain an unhappy customer if you make them happy again, but you’ll lose their business for life if you don’t.

Sell with courage.

Selling can be an intimidating thing to do, even for something as cool and fun as a pearl party. If you are nervous about becoming a pearl party consultant, fake it until you make it! Put on a brave face and a smile and sell your heart out. Before you know it, you won’t be faking that bravery anymore, your self-esteem will develop, and you’ll be able to get up and sell gorgeous pearl jewelry to anyone.

Take care of yourself.

Don’t neglect your own needs! You can’t be a good pearl party consultant if you are tired, run down, and exhausted. Make sure you take time for yourself and recharge when you need to do so. You might feel like you are being selfish, but in reality, you are doing it for the good of your business. Treat yourself to a massage or spa day or another treat after you’ve hosted a big and successful pearl party!

Are you interested in becoming a pearl party consultant for Vantel? Contact The Cool Pearl Lady today to learn more about how you can sign up in the South Carolina area and beyond and begin hosting exciting, unique pearl parties and become your own boss. You’ll love being a consultant and getting paid to party!