Pearls are produced by nature; therefore, their beauty is unique and very special. Follow these steps and your Pearl will retain its beauty, luster and value:

Always remove jewelry before bathing or washing dishes.

Apply hairspray and perfume 10-15 minutes before wearing your jewelry.

To clean your Pearls, apply table salt to a wet cloth and gently rub.

Dry and polish with a soft, clean cloth. Ask your Demonstrator for a special pearl jewelry cleaning cloth.

Pearl Strand Care

white-strand-2Caring for your strand: Your strand should be the last thing you put on when you’re dressing- after hair spray and perfume! After wearing, you should gently wipe your Pearls with a damp or dry soft cloth.

Stringing: Pearl strands should be restrung every year or two depending on usage. Check your strand, and if you see any fraying of the thread, it’s time to restring. Vantel Pearls strand professionals place knots between Pearls to offer the most security for your Pearls. Should your strand break, you only stand to lose a single Pearl.

Restringing: Vantel Pearls is proud to offer this service to our customers. Strands purchased from Vantel Pearls can be restrung for a minimal charge.
Necklaces: $30 | Bracelets: $20
(Price includes all tax, shipping and handling charges.)

Contact your Vantel Pearls Demonstrator or mail your strand with payment to:

Vantel Pearls, Inc.
46 Eastman Street, South Easton, MA 02375