Vantel parties are packed with genuine, 100% real pearls. During the party, guests of our pearl party get to choose an oyster to open and discover their special pearl inside. Each oyster contains a real pearl which the guest gets to keep or have mounted in our beautiful selection of jewelry. When you come to one of our part parties in Southport, you don’t have to worry about getting a fake pearl because you’ll see it emerge from a real oyster!

But what about when you are out and about shopping for pearls? Fake pearls can be very convincing, but they just aren’t as good as the real thing. So how can you tell the difference between the real thing and a fake?

How to Spot a Fake Pearl

Look for irregularities on the surface.

Real pearls are made by oysters coating a grain of sand or other small irritation that makes its way into the shell. The oyster coats the irritation with layers of a fluid that it makes, called “nacre,” to cover it up. Because of the process, real pearls will have irregularities on their surface such as waves and ridges. Take a close look at the pearl, either in good light or with a magnifying glass. If the surface looks too smooth, then it’s probably a fake.

Be wary of anything too perfectly round.

Likewise, nacre isn’t usually perfectly round. Most real pearls have a slightly irregular shape and aren’t going to be perfectly round. Some pearls are more round than others, but there is likely to be a little irregularity in the shape if it’s a genuine pearl.


Feel the weight.

This can be hard to determine if you aren’t comparing the real thing with a fake. However, real pearls are usually heavier than fakes. Fake pearls might be made of plastic or glass, which is much lighter than real nacre-created pearls.

Rub them together.

The surface of real pearls will feel slightly gritty when you rub them against each other. Fake pearls are going to feel smooth. This is a great method to quickly weed out the fakes when you are out shopping or think you’ve found a deal in a second-hand shop. Give them a quick rub together and you should be able to quickly identify the real from the fakes.

Avoid the Fakes and Buy Real Pearls Today!

Of course, the easiest way to find real pearls is to pluck them from the oyster yourself at a pearl party! Each one of our oysters is guaranteed to have a genuine pearl inside which you can send off to be carefully mounted in one of our beautiful pieces of jewelry. When you come to a Vantel pearl party with The Cool Pearl Lady, you won’t have to wonder whether your pearls are real or fake. Host one of our pearl parties and discover how you can earn hostess gifts! Contact us today to get started or even to sign up to become a pearl party consultant yourself!